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Assembly in Minneapolis

Four Signs Your Minneapolis Small Business Needs to Outsource Assembly and Inventory Management to the Pros

There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s journey where it comes time to face the music. After months or years of hustle and doing-it-yourself, you’re reluctant to give up any creative control. And that’s understandable. It’s your own vision and determination that’s brought your business the success it has reached in Minneapolis and beyond.

But eventually, growth reaches a point where it’s no longer sustainable to provide the same quality service in-house. Even if you take on employees, orders back up and you’re pulling longer nights just to try and catch up on order fulfillment.

If any of these four things are happening to your small business, give Kitting Solutions Plus LLC a call.

1. Orders Are Going Out Slower Than They Used To

Whether you’re an upstart beauty brand or an aspiring e-commerce mogul, order fulfillment takes a lot of time and energy. In an ideal world, same-day shipping would be available to everybody, but when you’re in charge of the shipping, sometimes it feels like you need to pick between completing the pick and pack and sleeping.

If your Minneapolis business has a backlog you can’t seem to get ahead of, call Kitting Solutions Plus LLC for kitting services and order assembly.

2. Shipments Are Incomplete or Returned More Often

When your business is handling dozens to hundreds of orders per day and you have a small team, it’s natural that mistakes will get made. Individuals don’t have the same range of tools that a qualified fulfillment warehouse has access to.

Which means that orders will go out with the wrong product or with orders missing. And with no tracking and distribution system, your business is vulnerable to bad actors trying to manipulate your returns policy.

By trusting a qualified kitting services company for your assembly needs, you reduce the risk of errors, and when problems do arise, you’re covered.

3. Your Sampling Program Slows or Stops

Everyone knows that to make a living in the retail industry, you end up having to give a lot of product away. Samples are an important part of building a brand in pretty much every retail sector, especially in the age of social media. But if your inventory management system is faulty, you might not have enough product to handle your existing orders, let alone your sample program! If this sounds familiar to you, it sounds like you might need to scale up your production.

4. Your Business is Expanding

The fact of the matter is that modern businesses need to keep evolving to survive, no matter their size. For most entrepreneur-led businesses, that means hiring employees. Which means hiring a human resources department. When you outsource your supply management to us, you leave the logistics to a qualified team so you can focus on what really matters to your business.

If any of these problems are sadly familiar—congratulations! Needing to contract work with a fulfillment warehouse is a good problem to have. But to make sure your company adapts to its success, give Kitting Solutions Plus LLC a call. We handle everything from pick and pack to more sophisticated logistics solutions. Don’t let your growth hinder your company’s development. Call us today!